The tour has been cancelled due to COVID-19

We are planning on rescheduling the tour later this year. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.
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UK TOUR  14-16 march



MARCH 14th, 7:00PM
@Bunyan Meeting
MARCH 15th, 5:00PM
@Emmaus Church
MARCH 16th, 7:30PM
@Royal Birmingham Conservatoire


The Pilgrim’s Progress Cantata will be performed by the Evanghelic Choir and Orchestra with Emanuel University Chamber Choir, as part of a UK tour all the way from Romania.

Written by Emanuel Bălăceanu for narrator, soloists, choir and orchestra, the “Pilgrim’s Progress Cantata”, was first performed in 2003 in the historical Lutheran Church of Bucharest. It is inspired by John Bunyan’s famous allegory, most of its musical themes coming from the Romanian Evangelical hymnology.

The Cantata could well be regarded as an artistic fusion between English and Romanian cultures, as much as it speaks universally through Bunyan's masterpiece, which has been translated in over 200 languages and since 1678 was never out of print.

The music will be performed in Romanian, while the narration will be recited in English. Subtitles will be provided in both languages.

The audio version was recorded in the George Enescu hall of the National University of Music in Bucharest. CDs will be available at the concert.


The Evanghelic Choir

The Evanghelic Choir was established about 20 years ago in Bucharest and is appreciated for the warm timbre, energy and its extraordinary ability to create a rich and natural sound in live performances and recordings. It has held a series of tours, concerts and recordings with the orchestra, such as: “Pilgrim’s Progress” (2003), “You’ve been crucified” (2004, CD in 2007), “O, Holy Night”, “Gift of Glory” (CD in 2010) and “Worthy is the Lamb! - Songs by Nicolae Moldoveanu” (CD in 2014), arranged and orchestrated by Emanuel Balaceanu.
In August 2018, the Evanghelic Choir and Orchestra have recorded the current version of the “Pilgrim’s Progress Cantata”.
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The Evanghelic Orchestra

Some of the finest and enthusiastic professional musicians from orchestras in Bucharest, Cluj and Oradea are joining us for this project, after they recorded it along with the choir, in 2018. The choral-orchestral synergy goes beyond the music and a carefully crafted sound, on realms of praise and prayer, straight to the heart of the listener.

Emanuel University Chamber Choir

With a concert experience of almost 30 years, Emanuel University Chamber Choir seeks to convey through sound and interpretation the fundamental values of its school: integrity, excellence and passion. Its academic repertoire covers a rich stylistic variety, from old music to contemporary pieces. The choir enjoyed a lively presence on Romanian and international stages, with awards such as: 2nd place in Youth and Music Festival, Vienna (2004), “The St Matthew Passion” (J.S. Bach) in Saint Petersburg (2005), alongside the Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony Orchestra, Oratory “The Passions and Resurrection of the Lord” (Paul Constantinescu) in Cluj (2017). In addition to the regular concerts held at the University, the choir performed and recorded in Vienna, Rome and various cities in Romania. These two choirs came together for a common purpose with the occasion of the UK tour, an initiative that seeks to inform historically, to enrich artistically and to deeply inspire the next generations.